Compliance & Ethics Training

We provide USF-level Compliance & Ethics online trainings for new Administration and Staff employees via the “Welcome to USF” onboarding program. These programs are administered by Central Human Resources (CHR). Here you can view our Compliance & Ethics presentations and more.


The eDisclose system assists all USF employees in meeting statutory requirements and restrictions placed upon them under the Florida Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees (FCOE) as codified in USF Policy 0-027 as well as other federal/state laws requiring employee disclosure of outside activities and financial interests. Here, employees can log into eDisclose to complete their disclosures, access training videos, and more.

Enterprise-wide Risk Management (ERM)

ERM is a process through which management identifies significant threats that would prevent the University from meeting its stated goals and objectives. ERM encompasses the following risks: operational, financial, compliance, strategic, and reputation. The Office of Compliance & Ethics facilitates an annual university-wide risk assessment. Click below to learn more.


Need to voice a concern? USF has engaged EthicsPoint—a third party hosted hotline—which enables safe, secure, and anonymous reporting of activities which may involve misconduct, fraud, abuse, and other violations of USF policies. Here you can access the EthicsPoint hotline and learn about how the EthicsPoint disclosure review process works.

Higher Education Opportunity Act Initiative

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) Initiative serves as the central oversight entity for driving best practices for USF HEOA compliance. This initiative includes coordination and publishing of the Student Consumer Information portal (aka: the “HEOA portal”); performance of compliance reviews of campus safety & security reporting (aka: Clery Reporting) across USF; and more.