About the Program

The Master of Science in Learning Design and Technology (LDT) provides a comprehensive curriculum and intensive training to prepare you for the job market of today and the emerging fields of tomorrow in K-12 schools, higher education, industry, military and/or other governmental agencies.

Choose from four concentrations:

e-learning design and development

E-Learning Design and Development 

cybersecurity education

Cybersecurity Education

Big data and learning analytics

Big Data and Learning Analytics

Game Based Learning and Analytics

Game-Based Learning Analytics

E-Learning Design and Development Concentration

Explore E-Learning design principles for performance improvement, learning motivation and engagement in technology-enhanced learning environments. You will become proficient in E-learning development tools to create instructional graphics, interactive media, and digital video while practicing management skills for learning design projects. 

Cybersecurity Education Concentration

Examine digital citizenship and online safety issues in youth and educational settings. You’ll learn to develop cybersecurity policies and strategies for integrating digital tools into school settings. Plus, explore educational resources, copyright and safety issues, webpage construction and evaluation of websites.

Big Data and Learning Analytics Concentration

Discover how to leverage data to promote student success. You will learn how to communicate effectively using data in reporting, explore the role of data in optimizing student learning, gain an understanding of how data collection and analysis can be critical to a successful accreditation, and become proficient in the theory and practice of learning analytics.

Game-Based Learning and Analytics Concentration

Become skillful in designing educational games with built-in analytics on student learning. Create game mechanics, dynamics and game-play experience. Delve into digital video, instructional graphics or web programming for game development.

Time to Completion

18 months for full-time students
24 months for part-time students

Program Format

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