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The Stavros Center hosts numerous professional development opportunities throughout the year for K-12 educators to assist them with implementing economic education and financial literacy curriculum into their classrooms. 

We look forward to having you join us for exciting professional development activities. Below you will find a list of current programs and workshops for educators. For more information about upcoming workshops and seminars, please contact us.




Introducing the "Give-Get" game presented by the Stavros Center and Raymond James

Date and Time: 2/21/23 & 4/18/23 @ 5:30-8:30pm 

Where: Raymond James Room at the USF Stavros Center (4111 USF Willow Dr. Tampa, Fl. 33620)

The Stavros Center and Raymond James have partnered to offer a fun and interactive way to teach Personal Financial Literacy to any grade level. Introducing- “Give-Get!”. For this workshop, the focus is primarily on High School. The program will consist of two sessions. Here’s how it works:

 Session 1 (2/21/23)

•In session 1 workshop participants will learn how to play the game and then how to operate the game in their classrooms 
•During the first week of Financial Literacy Month (April) each workshop participate can operate the game in their classes.  Each classroom will have a winner and prizes for each winner will be provided

 Session 2 (4/18/23)

•After having implemented the game in their classrooms, during the first week of April, previous workshop participants will return to the Stavros Center for a focus group to critique what worked and what did not.

The first 20 teachers who register and attend BOTH sessions will receive a $100 stipend

Registration is Full



**Exclusive to Hillsborough County Entrepreneurship Teachers:

The USF center for entrepreneurship and you

Date and Time: March 23, 2023; 5:30pm-8:30pm

Where: USF Stavros Center (4111 USF Willow Dr. Tampa, FL. 33620)

Join us for a fun and innovative workshop with special quest Dr. Dirk Libaers, Director of the USF, Muma College of Business's Center for Entrepreneurship. Workshop topics include:

  • Entrepreneurship. What is it?
  • What are great entrepreneurial opportunities? How to spot them? 
  • How to evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities
  • What is Crowdfunding?
  • Crowdfunding for your own entrepreneurial opportunity
  • Design your business model for you entrepreneurial opportunity
  • What does the center for entrepreneurial at USF do? How can you and your students engage with the center?

To register click the link below

Entrepreneurship and You


The Building Blocks to personal finance: An infographic guide to personal finance.

Date and Time: March 28, 2023; 5:30pm-8:30pm

Where: USF Stavros Center (4111 USF Willow Dr. Tampa, Fl. 33620)

Take charge of your money and financial future! Personal finance is one of the most important life skills to master.  Now, Florida high school students are required to complete a financial literacy course in order to graduate.  This workshop will take you through different activities that incorporate financial literacy standards in the K-12 classroom, and we will explore information and lessons on topics such as:

  • Budgeting and Saving
  • Spending
  • Debt and Credit
  • Investing
  • Housing

The first 30 participants of this workshop will receive a copy of the book: "The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance." We will be exploring everything from the basics of banking, credit and debt to the more complicated strategies such as building your personal wealth and crafting a personal budget.  In this fresh, colorful, easy-to-read reference infographic, personal finance is now straight forward and painless.

To register click the link below

Infographic Guide to Personal Finance

Sustainability Superheroes: Ask the Right Question About the Sustainable Development Goals  

Date And Time: March 30, 2023; 5:30pm-8:30pm

Where: USF Stavros Center (4111 USF Willow Drive Tampa, FL. 33620)

 What if making a one small change that costs nothing and is easy to do could improve your students’ ability to learn anything? 

THE QUESTION FORMULATION TECHNIQUE (QFT) is a step-by-step process designed to facilitate the asking of many questions. But it does more than that—it takes students through a process in which they MANAGE their own learning as they move through the content, as they have crafted and highly refined their list of questions and "own" the list. Instead of the teacher posing the question, the teacher poses the phenomena, and the students ask and answer the questions. Students experience great satisfaction and joy when they discover the answers to their own questions. An analogy would be the child that will eat the broccoli because he chose the recipe and helped cook it.   

As the students go through the steps of the QFT, they practice, in addition to question formulation, three fundamentally important thinking abilities: divergent thinking, convergent thinking, and metacognition.   

Question Formulation Technique is a small, easy change you can make in your teaching that will give students the ability to generate a wide range of ideas and think broadly and creatively, the ability to analyze and synthesize information and ideas while moving toward an answer or conclusion, and the ability to think about one’s own thinking and learning. Each ability on its own is a valuable resource for any student. When put together, their individual potency is multiplied many times over.


 We will model using Question Formulation Technique through investigation of the Sustainable Development Goals.  

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Superhero's Ask the Right Questions

Fight Fraud and Secure your digital footprint by managing your personal information wisely:

Date and Time: April 4, 2023; 5:30pm-8:30pm

Where: USF Stavros Center, Raymond James Room (4111 USF Willow Dr Tampa, FL. 33620)

  • Understand problems that can occur when an individual is a victim of identity theft
  • Describe the conditions under which individuals should and should not disclose their Social Security number, account numbers, or other sensitive personal information.
  • Recommend actions a victim of identity theft should take to limit losses and restore personal security.

To Register Click the Link Below:

Fight Fraud 4/4/23




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