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Jennifer Rudy

jennifer rudy, SVN coastal commercial advisors

When I decided to earn a MS in Entrepreneurship, I knew the program would be an incredible opportunity to help me excel and succeed in my career for many years to come. The faculty members are accomplished with impressive credentials and mentoring skills, while the program offers a wide variety of in-depth internal and external business entrepreneurial studies. I believe the Master of Entrepreneurship program at USF is one of the best in the nation

Justin Heacock

Justin Heacock, entrepreneurship center coordinator,florida polytechnic university

The Masters in Entrepreneurship in Applied Technology program at USF has  prepared me to be a lifelong innovator and entrepreneur who's currently an intrepreneur in academia. Justin has founded the Entrepreneurship Program at Florida Polytechnic University and built it to be an internationally recognized program

Steven Fage

Steven Fage, President, 5 Nines Automation, LLC, MSEAT USF Alum 2011)

Attending the Entrepreneurship program at USF all started with meeting Dr. Fountain. The 2 years I spent with him and the program he's created has added an invaluable skill-set that I have had to lean on these last 3 years of building my business. I believe there is no one program that will teach you everything you need to know to be prepared for the arid environment of business and competition, however, Dr Fountain's program at the University of South Florida did an outstanding job of giving me the confidence and foundation to tackle anything that comes my way.

Kathryn Cox

Kathryn Cox, 2010 USF MS in Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies Alum

The Center for Entrepreneurship polished a base of knowledge I had about running a business and gave me confidence in the lean years of my startup that failure was not an option. With each phase in my business, I had the skills to grow and build on my strategic consulting platform. I melded my problem solving ability with marketing strategy, which took details from the engineering and business school classes. That curriculum was well curated to provide a me with solid foundation from which to work - and the grit needed to organize new teams. This program is the difference between just running an existing/mature business [with an MBA] and that of starting from ground zero [in Entrepreneurship] and creating your own way.

Karl Klicker

Karl Klicker, President and Executive Editor, Vade Mecum Publishing Group, LLC.

BA, English, Texas A&M University – 1979
MS in Education, University of Southern California – 1982
EdD, Adult Education, Ball State University – 1990
MS EAT, University of South Florida – 2013

After 22 years in the Marine Corps, 10 years in the private sector, and a recall to three years more years in the Marine Corps, I retired into a government contractor position at Special Operations Command in Tampa – in my mid-50's, with a year remaining on my GI Bill educational benefits. Planning my final career, I've always wanted to be both author and publisher, but needed a business plan. Scanning the opportunities at USF, I came across the Entrepreneurship program. The range of courses seemed ideal for my needs. Although I've taught as an adjunct professor for more than a dozen colleges and universities, returning to the classroom at the age of 55 was actually a break. My fellow students – most of them half my age – and the professors made this a most rewarding experience.

Artricia James-Heard

Artricia James-Heard

The Center for Entrepreneurship program helped me with a variety of classes, map out a workable plan to marry our idea to launch two very different business ideas - a video game production studio and a finance management & credit improvement service.

Each semester added the right layer to my foundation. MSEAT opened up a world of limitless opportunities and a world of available resources. A variety of networking opportunities helpful in growing a business idea. I strongly recommend MSEAT to anyone with an idea to contribute their idea with the world!

Jennifer Sineway

Jennifer Sineway

"The MSEAT program embodies a great amount of human capital that may not be reflected in other programs. The diverse curriculum shared between the College of Business, College of Medicine and College of Engineering has helped change and shape the way that I approach all new ventures in my life. Whether helping scientists formulate a strategy to commercialize a patented adult stem cell line or pitching ideas to professional sports teams, students in this program can be confident that they are learning the skills necessary in their journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur."

Jerry Trotter

Jerry Trotter

"Entrepreneurship is when you recognize an opportunity and have the vision and ambition to pursue it. It is an innovation locomotion that when given the right parts, such as passion, knowledge, and experience becomes an unstoppable force that serves to benefit its community. It is about being unorthodox, unafraid to take a leap, and to do so with drive and clarity. This program has engaged and empowered me to seek out opportunities and has given me the keys to success in my endeavors. With its integrative approach to entrepreneurship and focus in technology, business, and medicine I will have the "know how" to be a successful businessman. The program's diverse community of professors, students, and alumnus greatly enhanced my learning experience and lifted the ceiling of opportunities available to me. Entrepreneurship is not just a business method, it is a lifestyle that takes dedication and enrichment. Which is just what this program offers."

Jerry Trotter graduated with the class of 2011, from the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies Program

Ferdian Jap

"The Entrepreneurship program, with all of the real-life projects that are a part of the classes, has given me the unique skills and experiences necessary to run an organization such as, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE). I literally put into practice what I learned in the classroom by implementing different programs and projects with SIFE."

Ferdian Jap is a USF graduate student pursuing his Master of Science in Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies. He is the President of SIFE, which is a non-profit organization with a mission to teach others the concepts of Market Economics, Financial Literacy, Success Skills and Entrepreneurship. In just two years, SIFE has received top honors both on a regional and national level.

Shaun Bolger

"...the Center for Entrepreneurship has provided me with a unique, unprecedented learning experience and set of skills that I feel confident will translate into real world achievement. I would encourage all individuals interested in anything from global corporate strategy and intellectual property portfolio management to business planning and small venture startup to either take electives or fully enroll in the program."

Shaun Bolger graduated with the class of 2007

Chris Kluis MBA + (MS EAT soon), Managing Partner ,p2K Consulting, LLC

"The Spanish have a saying Saber es Poder, also known as, Knowledge is Power. I postulate that academic knowledge is powerful in academic settings, but can be difficult to distill into something useable. This transformation occurs in this program. The fact that this program continues to win national awards yearly clearly identifies that USF is on the right track. Highly enjoyed it. Highly recommend it."

William G. Marshall, Jr., MD, MS, MBA, MSEAT

"It (the program) provides instruction and experience in areas not commonly covered in business, science, and engineering curricula such as intellectual property and FDA regulatory compliance. I would highly recommend this program for all business students, and most, if not all, engineering, science, and medical students."

William G. Marshall was one of the original three graduates of the MS Degree in Entrepreneurship

David K. Vondenberger, M.S., M.B.A.

"The format of this award-winning program provides a realistic preview of entrepreneurship across various fields – an insight that cannot be found in a textbook or classroom. The opportunity to learn from distinguished and experienced entrepreneurial faculty, business leaders, concept generators and seasoned entrepreneurs is a highlight of this program. The program successfully teaches students to apply their knowledge in business, life sciences, engineering, and other fields to create value in new and existing ventures."

David K. Vondenberger was one of the original three graduates of the MS Degree in Entrepreneurship