Academic Planning & Budget Council


The Academic Budget and Planning Council (ABPC) advises the President, the Provost, the Senior Vice President for USF Health, and other relevant USF administrative leadership or theirdesignees on matters pertaining to the University’s budget and budget transparency, including budget strategies and policies, and University planning processes that affect faculty and academic programs of the University.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Advising the administration on the development of the university budget, the intended use and distribution of all funds, and the annual legislative budget request. To do so, the Council must be able to review reports from the administration and college deans covering distribution and use of any and all funds regardless of source.
  2. Advising the administration on the fiscal implications of the creation, modification, or deletion of academic degree programs, departments, schools, or colleges.
  3. Reporting regularly to the Senate issues and concerns related to budgetary decisions or planned actions.
  4. Issuing an annual report to the Senate regarding the allocation of resources and its alignment with Faculty Senate actions and the University's long-term and short-term strategic plans.

Council Chair: Stephen Stark

Council Charge

Council Roster