Committee on Committees

Charge:  The Committee on Committees (COC) is responsible for advising the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the Faculty Senate on matters including:

1. Identifying and recommending faculty who are both qualified and willing to serve on the USF Senate councils and committees. 

a. The COC shall solicit nominations for all regular vacancies in the fall and spring semesters. Other vacancies will be filled as they occur. The COC shall vet the nominations and the most qualified nominations for service shall be forwarded to the Provost's Office for consultation and then put before the Senate Executive Committee and Faculty Senate. Approved nominations will be appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate.

2. Conducting periodic reviews of the charges of standing councils of the Faculty Senate and working with the councils to amend those charges as necessary.

3. Encouraging faculty involvement in university governance.

4. Advising and consulting with the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, when appropriate, on other matters dealing with the standing councils of the Faculty Senate.

Chair:  Ruthmae sears

Committee CHARGE