Faculty Council on Student Admissions

The Faculty Council on Student Admissions advises the Provost and the Senior Vice President for USF Health or their designees on matters pertaining to the establishment and maintenance of policies, principles, and regulations affecting the selection and admission of
undergraduate students to USF.  Committee representatives include faculty, administrators, staff, and students. 

Council responsibilities include:

  1. To make recommendations to the Provost on policies and procedures regarding
    the admission of undergraduate students in those categories specified by the
    Board of Govenors regulations.
  2. To serve as liaison for general faculty concerns and suggestions regarding
    undergraduate admissions policies and procedures and to encourage greater
    knowledge and understanding by the faculty of USF's admissions process.
  3. To consider and make recommendations on other admissions matters that may
    be referred to it by the Provost and/or the Director of Admissions.
  4. To make the initial admissions decisions for all first-time-in-college applicants
    who are considered for admission under alternative criteria.
  5. To serve as an appellate body for undergraduate applicants who have been
    denied admission and who have petitioned for a waiver of standard criteria and
    reconsideration of admission.