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Angie Fairweather


Angie earned a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science from Texas A&M and her M.Ed. in Instructional Technology from USF. As an educator, Angie strives to continually improve her understanding of how people learn. Educational technology is continually becoming more effective as a medium to create better learning experiences. As an Instructional Designer, she is able to combine her two passions, learning theory and technology. She enjoys the challenge to leverage technology to make learning engaging, individualized, and effective. Angie has served in various roles in education over the last 15-years, including a Science Coach for Title-1, Science Curriculum Specialist, Instructional Technologist, and Instructional Designer. She has been a Quality Matters Peer Reviewer for five years. Angie keeps active in the classroom as an adjunct at the State College of Florida in the teacher certification program. Before entering education, Angie worked as an oceanographer as a Commissioned Officer in the NOAA Corp and a Chemical Ecologist at Mote Marine.

Angie spent many years at sea charting the ocean floor and measuring tides and currents from the north tip of Alaska to the South Pacific. As a working diver for NOAA during her time in Alaska, she had an encounter with a sea lion in the Aleutian Islands that tried to pull off her flipper. If you want to hear some sea stories, ask Angie about her encounters with Kodiak bears, sea lions, and sharks.