Generative AI

Generative AI

Discover the innovative world of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and its transformative potential on course design and student engagement.

Unlock the Power of GenAI

As generative AI technologies rapidly evolve, it's crucial for USF faculty to acquire the skills needed to seamlessly integrate this powerful technology into course design and delivery. This page provides strategies for using generative AI to streamline course design, while also incorporating it into student projects and assignments, equipping students with essential skills needed to succeed in today's workforce. This integration serves a valuable addition to the instructional toolkit, fostering responsible and ethical AI usage while cultivating modern skills such as prompt engineering. Yes…it all starts with prompt engineering. 

Writing prompts for GenAI is not just about crafting the perfect question, it's also about thinking deeply about what you are asking and why. This process encourages us all – educators, students, and lifelong learners – to become more digitally literate and critical thinkers. It's about understanding the power of our words in the digital age and using them to make learning more engaging and accessible.

What is prompt engineering?

Explore examples of writing GenAI prompts to do common teaching and learning tasks with these videos from our Course Enhancement with GenAI Workshop.

Create a GenAI Policy

person holding a phone with lens flare showing chat gtp

Learn how to use GenAI to develop your own Generative AI course policy.

Create a Rubric

woman stands in a web of computer graphics

Use GenAI to develop an assignment rubric in less time.

Create a Group Project

a group of people sit around a table with drawings and graphs with a lightbulb and glowing brain in center

Create a group project with an overview, objectives, requirements, and more using GenAI.

Generative AI Workshop

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest workshop dedicated to the practical application of GenAI, Course Enhancement with Generative AI. In this fully online, self-paced workshop, faculty participants explore a series GenAI use case tutorials, interact with peers, and gain hands-on experience with prompting on a variety of GenAI platforms in the context of teaching and learning. Participants ultimately construct their own GenAI course enhancement plan to implement immediately in their courses.

Workshop details:  

  • Format - Fully online, self-paced facilitated through Canvas
  • Estimated completion time - 3 to 4 hours depending upon participant's pace
  • Delivery - Facilitated through Canvas
  • Cost - Free and includes digital credential upon completion
  • Audience - This workshop is limited to USF faculty 

REGISTER FOR THE WORKSHOP - (USF faculty and staff / Net ID required)

If you are outside of USF, we are pleased to offer a public-facing version of Course Enhancement with GenAI on the Canvas Network. 

For faculty, GenAI presents practical opportunities to automate tasks like content generation, assessment, and data analysis. It can streamline grading processes and offer valuable insights into student performance. Numerous faculty members at USF have collaborated with the InEd Digital Learning team to integrate GenAI into the design of their online courses. Moreover, faculty have begun incorporating GenAI into assignments, equipping students with skills essential for the workforce, including thinking critically about the use of artificial intelligence. Explore the examples below.

GenAI faculty and student use cases

Instructor Presence

Principles of management course banner

GenAI can elevate online course experiences by assisting in the creation of engaging content, such as instructor intro videos and scripted materials.

Course Efficiencies

public speaking course banner

GenAI can enhance engagement in online courses by facilitating the efficient, timely creation of dynamic instructional materials.

Aligning Outcomes

Advanced Clinical Practice course banner

GenAI can be strategically utilized to evaluate and strengthen curriculum alignment in the design and development of courses.

Student Media Projects

sustainability course course banner

GenAI can facilitate the production of high-quality media content, empowering students to unleash their creativity in project-based assignments.

Real World Application

Global Migration course banner

Incorporating GenAI tools into assignments can provide students with hands-on opportunities to apply, analyze, and critically evaluate Generative AI.

Student Research

psychology of learning banner

GenAI AI tools can be leveraged to empower students to explore and vet AI-generated content, fostering critical thinking and supporting ethical use.


Generative Artificial Intelligence provides opportunities to ethically and effectively advance our institutional mission. USF is committed to actively engaging with this rapidly developing technology to maximize these opportunities.   

Check out USF's generative AI website that contains comprehensive guidance on ethical usage, syllabus and course policy recommendations, citations, AI events and more.