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Envisioning Sustainability

Envisioning Sustainability course displayed on laptop, computer, and pad.

Graduate students in Dr. Culhane’s Envisioning Sustainability course have an exciting opportunity to learn about some of the behind-the-scenes production that takes place when creating compelling and technology-driven content.

In his course, students are expected to use the latest technologies including VR, video, animation, and digital photography for broadcast media, marketing, public presentations, poster sessions, scientific papers, and PSAs. However, facilitating the creation of these hands-on assignments and group projects can pose a challenge in the online environment.

Dr. Culhane collaborated with Digital Learning to create custom videos that visualize and enhance theoretical concepts and spur imagination. Learning designers, videographers, and multimedia developers worked together to create a dynamic online course that features gamification techniques, active learning through group projects and creative assignments, and innovative videos that highlight Dr. Culhane’s personality and imaginative teaching approach. 

View one of the videos from Dr. Culhane’s course.