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Groundwater Chemistry Virtual Field Trip

Groundwater Chemistry course displayed on laptop, computer, and pad.

Interactive Presentation

Geology students at USF have a unique opportunity in Dr. Pasek's Groundwater Geochemistry course to move beyond the books. Graduate students must experience the unique landforms and waterways that are essential to advanced knowledge of these natural phenomena. In his course, students are required to attend a live, in-person canoe trip down the Santa Fe River in Florida. However, the logistics of traveling by canoe into the field are not feasible for all students depending on their physical abilities, work/school schedule, or residency in the state. As a result, Dr. Pasek was seeking an alternative method of delivering these experiences for those students who have been traditionally unable to participate in this portion of the course. 

Dr. Pasek collaborated with Digital Learning to create a series of lecture videos filmed on location along the Santa Fe River. In collaboration with Digital Learning, Dr. Pasek was able to present the same lectures in the same spots and with a greater variety of perspective utilizing aerial and submarine videography to take students even beyond the canoe.