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Statics Equilibrium Lab Exercise

Statistics Equilibrium course displayed on laptop, computer, and pad.

For undergraduate students at the University of South Florida, physics is not just concepts and equations. In the lab, Instructor & General Physics Lab Director Gerald Woods provides hands-on demonstrations of these concepts and forces.

Through carefully constructed lectures exploring the numerical mechanics of physics, Dr. Woods can provide a clear explanation of these concepts. However, he was looking for a way to provide students the opportunity to interact with the concepts themselves and manipulate the forces in a safe, low-risk environment.

Dr. Woods partnered with Digital Learning to create highly interactive online demonstrations to provide an intermediary experience between watching the experiment as an observer and actually manipulating the apparatus to see what happens.

In conjunction with a video demonstration, this interactive exercise provides students with the opportunity to participate in the scientific method without being dependent on the equipment, access, and lab space that is required for on campus students.