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Required Items "Holds"

Student Holds
Hold Name Abbreviation Information
Academic Advising Hold AA You must meet with your academic advisor both Fall and Spring semester to clear this hold and discuss your academic course work for the next semester.
Former Students Returning Hold AF You have a hold on your registration and cannot register until you see your academic advisor and declare your major.
All Former Students Returning (FSRs) are required to see their academic advisor before registering for their first semester back at USF.
Academic Probation Hold AP You must see your Academic Advisor before this hold can be removed.
Academic Records Hold AR Please see your admissions record on OASIS to locate the missing items required. If you need additional assistance, please contact the USF Office of Admissions.
Returned Check Hold BC Please contact the Cashier's Office, SVC 1039, (813) 974-6056, regarding this hold.
Cash Collections Hold CC Check Account Summary by Term on OASIS, then pay the balance to release this hold.
Immunization Records Hold IM/MH You must submit your immunization information and paperwork to Student Health Services, SHS 100, 813-974-2331.
Perkins/USF Loan Hold LE Please contact the Cashier's Office. SVC 1039, 813-974-6056
Major Declaration Hold MJ For more information about the MJ Hold click here. Students must declare a major after registering for the 36th semester hour. If you received the MJ hold because you did not meet the requirements for a limited access major, you must declare a new major. To meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss your Major Re-Selection options, visit the Transitional Advising Center in SVC 2043, 813-974-2645, or schedule an appointment.
Remediation Hold OB Required Remediation. Please see your Academic Advisor for assistance.
Special Services Hold OS For instructions, please contact the Student Support Services, SVC 2011, 813-974-4301
Parking Services Hold PF Contact Parking Services for instructions. PSB 101, 813-974-3990
Hold specifically for Freshman Summer Institute (FSI) students PT Please contact the FSI office regarding this hold. SVC2011, 813-974-4227
Student Discipline Hold SD Please see the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, RAR 234, 813-974-9443
Student Health Insurance Hold SI For more information please contact Student Health Services, 813-974-2331.
Start Registration/Registration Appointment Time Hold ST Next to this hold should be a date and time when you can begin registration. When you registration appointment time is reached, your ST hold will be removed and you can begin registration. For incoming transfer students, the ST hold will be the same as your registered orientation date. If you are an incoming transfer (or returning USF) student and do not have a date/time listed with your ST hold, please contact the USF Office of Orientation, ALN 102, 813-974-3060.
CLAS Warning TC All students must meet the College Level Academic Skills (CLAS) requirement. Students with this warning have not met the CLAS requirement but are still able to register for classes. However, they should make sure they are aware of the CLAS requirements they are missing so they can register for courses which will assist them in meeting the CLAS requirement ASAP.