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Welcome to Bulls iResearch - Revolutionizing Research Administration at USF!

Welcome to Bulls iResearch! Experience the future of research administration with Bulls iResearch, the cutting-edge research administration platform powered by the Huron Research Suite! Designed to address the unique needs of the University of South Florida's research community, Bulls iResearch is revolutionizing how we manage research projects, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and compliance every step of the way.

Bulls iResearch Workspace

Using the Bulls iResearch workspace

The Bulls iResearch workspace provides information, status, history, review notes, and the opportunity to take action in a single place!

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Learn more about this exciting system by viewing our recorded training sessions, accessing our quick guides, or joining a future training. These session are crafted to empower you with the essential skills and insights needed to fully utilize Bulls iResearch.

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  • Transparent Workflows: Gain unprecedented visibility into the research lifecycle with transparent workflows, allowing for better oversight and compliance.
  • Simplified Proposal and Grant Management: Navigate the complexities of proposal submissions and grant management effortlessly, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Optimized processes and workflows: Expedite access to awarded funding, enabling research to begin sooner.
  • Unified Workspace: Foster collaboration and streamline communication across departments and teams with a centralized workspace accessible to all stakeholders.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed to enhance productivity and user satisfaction.