Combat Service

What is Combat Service?

Combat Service are units which primarily provide logistical support by providing supply, maintenance, transportation, health services, and other services required by the soldiers of combat units to continue their missions in combat. Combat Service works together with the Combat Arms and Combat Support branches to complete any task or mission in order to successfully defend the United States of America, its allies, and its interest.

Some of the basic Combat Service branches include:

  • Finance
  • Medical Service
  • Ordinance
  • Quartermaster
  • Transportation
  • Adjutant General.

Finance Branch Soldiers will learn to manage the preparation and payment of travel, how to account for the obligation and disbursement of public funds, and payment of salaries and wages. In addition to providing financial services for fellow Soldiers, Finance Soldiers play an important role in supporting logistical, medical and supply requirements during tactical missions.

The Medical Branch is responsible for training doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

Ordnance Branch Soldiers ensure that weapons systems, vehicles, and tactical support equipment are in perfect working condition.

The Quartermaster Branch handles the logistics of providing Soldiers with food, water, petroleum, repair parts and other field services during a military or relief operation.

Transportation Branch Soldiers are responsible for operating U.S. Army heavy equipment and ensuring that Soldiers in the field receive the critical supplies they need to complete the mission.

Adjutant General Corps Soldiers are experts in personnel management. This branch helps Soldiers with tasks that affect their welfare.