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Each year, the University of South Florida comes together from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and personal points of view to explore a campus theme. Campus Conversations seeks to create opportunities for the exchange of ideas and challenges students to develop the ability to interact respectfully with all people and understand individuals' differences. The theme for the 2017-2018 year is: Who am I?


2018-2019 Campus Conversation: Who am I?

This theme narrows the previous year's theme and sharpens the focus on power and privilege, particularly as they relate to historical and social factors. 

Faculty are encouraged to browse the "grab and go" resources at the USF Library (link will be available in July), and find ways to integrate this conversation into their own courses.


2017-2018 Campus Conversation

The theme Identity and Community explored issues such as individual identity, community identity, difference and acceptance, defining home, global citizenship, immigration, social cohesion, privilege, and power.


About the Program

Campus Conversations invites the USF campus community to engage in diverse conversations about a particular theme. The program encourages students to engage in curricular and co-curricular experiences designed to enhance their critical thinking and global competency while tackling important issues.

The university-wide Campus Conversation program seeks to unite students and faculty from across disciplines through exploration of the theme. The theme will serve as a basis for guided discussion, projects and assignments, and classroom activities. Through an exploration of the issues related to this theme, students will gain a greater understanding of themselves, our campus, and global communities.