About Us


The Office of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) works in partnership with the academic colleges in the development, review and enhancement of the undergraduate programs to assist faculty to provide outstanding undergraduate education for students. The members of the UGS team work with faculty to establish and administer academic policies, assist with undergraduate curriculum development and review, and support proposals for new and revised programs and courses through the various approval processes. In addition to assisting with the academic programs offered by the colleges, Undergraduate Studies also offers two academic programs.

Undergraduate Studies provides strong set of student success focused departments and initiatives designed to make it more likely that students will successfully navigate the complexities of the transition to college and the baccalaureate experience. These programs aim to provide coordinated opportunities for students to develop their identities and intellectual competencies for successful careers and lifelong learning.

MIssion Statement

We provide leadership and empower students to proactively address challenges and connect communities.


Goal 1: Work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders to meet student success outcomes.

  •   Collectively contribute 20 percent of effort in key institutional initiatives
  •   Collectively contribute 20 percent of effort towards partnerships and community   engagement

Goal 2:  Support transitions throughout the student lifecycle to guide student development.

  • Establish a baseline for how many students are served annually by student engagement offices

Goal 3:   Establish functional (co)ownership or areas of responsibility critical to the mission of Undergraduate Studies.

  • Establish a process for creating on-demand access to the following sources: NSSE/BCSSE, Archivum, Canvas, PPA for all academic units.
  • Identify processes necessary to meeting Undergraduate Studies goals.