Reverse Transfer

Reverse Transfer

The Reverse Transfer Program is a collaborative effort between Florida State Colleges and USF.

Students who transfer to USF from a Florida State College are given the opportunity to combine the credits earned at the university with credit already earned at the state or community college. In many cases, the combination of credits meets all degree requirements for an associate of arts (AA) degree. This ensures students receive recognition for the work they have completed. 

If you are interested in participating in the reverse transfer process in pursuit of an AA degree, please complete this short survey. The Office of the Registrar at USF processes these requests three times a year, toward the end of each term (fall, spring, and summer).


You may have already completed the requirements of an AA degree.

The associate art arts degree may help you be more competitive for employment and earn more while working towards the bachelor’s degree.

Life Happens.

Obtaining a college degree is important in today’s competitive job market, but life does not always go as planned. The Reverse Transfer Program helps ensure you receive the AA degree you have earned.

Increase your earning potential.

Earning an associate of arts degree may contribute to your earning power and is a marketable credential for your resume, immediately.


In order to participate in the reverse transfer process, a student must meet the following requirements:

A. Be currently enrolled in a state university;
B. Earned more than 30 hours of college credit at a single FCS institution;
C. Transferred to a state university before earning an AA degree;
D. Not previously earned an AA degree from the state university;
E. Completed a minimum of 60 hours of college credit;
F. Completed general education requirements of either the home FCS institution or the SUS institution;
G. Not earned a baccalaureate degree;
H. Be in good academic standing and be current with financial obligations at the SUS institution;
I. Be in good academic standing and be current with financial obligations at the awarding FCS institution;
J. Have met the civic literacy requirement per section 1007.25(4), Florida Statutes;
K. Have met college-level communication and computation competency per SBOE Rule 6A-10.030, Florida Administrative Code;
L. Demonstrate competency in a foreign language per s. 1007.25(8);
M. Consent to allowing the SUS institution to transmit the necessary information to the FCS institution; and
N. Meet any other associate in arts degree graduation institutional requirement of the degree-granting FCS institution.

View the full statewide Reverse Transfer Articulation Agreement here