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The USF World Center for Strategic & Diplomatic Studies offers three internship placements for Spring 2017. This is an excellent opportunity for students to gain a global experience on campus at USF and to prepare for a career after finishing their degree.

In order to apply for the CSDS Internship, please send a formal email to Fae Bahreini at with a cover letter and résumé attached with the subject line: "Intern for CSDS." Application deadline for Spring internship is December 24.



Caleb Hall, Intern

"Interning for the CSDS is an opportunity to build upon the basic skills that any student hoping to get into researching and international relations would want to preen. What sets the Center apart from other internships on campus, however, is the personal perspective on the world offered by the other members of the Center as well as the unique themes and perspectives the Center's events bring together. The position does this while making you feel like less of an intern and more like a genuine contributor to the Center's mission; during my internship I was always given clear goals, but the ability to reach those goals in whichever way I saw most appropriate."

-Caleb Hall, Honors Undergraduate Student, Business Administration


"The CSDS is the perfect supplement to a student's education. The center brings in world-famous names for conferences and enlightening forays into both past and current events which allowed me to develop a more full understanding of global politics. In the midst of such intelligent dialogue, it's impossible not to be in a constant state of learning. Interns have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the speakers, develop their professional portfolio, and be a part of one of the most phenomenal parts of campus; the experience is a wealth of knowledge and networking that should not be passed over."

-Trijeet Sethi, Undergraduate Student, Government and International Affairs

Cassandra Kenning

"Interning at CSDS was an enriching, enlightening experience. The Center's conferences about international affairs are a great resource for students to gain insight about current, complex issues happening in our world. As an intern, I enjoyed attending, assisting, and promoting these conferences to the USF community. Additionally, I had the opportunity to conduct my own research project about Turkey's role as a U.S. ally in the Middle East, which gave me valuable knowledge as I look to pursue a career in international affairs in the future. Overall, CSDS is a gem for students to gain professional, global experience on campus."

- Cassandra Kenning, Undergraduate Student, Government and International Affairs