Summer ACE

USF Summer ACE Next Steps

ACE Next Steps

We are excited that you have decided to start your career at the University of South Florida with the 2018 Summer ACE Program.  To help you accomplish your transition into USF, we will be using Canvas to guide you through the enrollment process. Canvas is an online learning portal that gives you access to homework, due dates, and course information. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with other students and professors at USF. 

To be added to the Canvas site you must have confirmed your Net ID information with the Summer ACE office.  If you have not confirmed your Net ID and official USF email address with Summer ACE, please email  

To see what you need to complete next, checkout our Canvas page for more details. We recommend you please log into Canvas daily to ensure you are on top of all these tasks. In order to login you must first obtain your Net ID and USF email.

How to Login Canvas: