Summer ACE



ACE students will be enrolled full-time, taking six credits towards their major, with the first three weeks on campus and the fourth, studying away.  Summer ACE 2018 will offer students six different study away options with a variety of courses to choose from. As part of the program, students will enroll in one Foundation of Knowledge and Learning (FKL) course (three credits) and a linked section of University Experience (three credits).  Foundation of Knowledge and Learning (FKL) courses are the foundation for the general education curriculum at USF.  Below you will find available information on the courses and the location of the corresponding study away experience.

Deposited students will have the opportunity to select their course via our next steps process through Canvas.  Courses are awarded on a first come, first serve basis.  The Summer ACE staff also considers the student's intended major and previous course work earned by the student prior to course placement. 

FKL Courses and Location:



BSC 1005: Biological Principles for Non Majors

Dr. Chris Osovitz

A comprehensive introduction to living systems, including the scientific basis of biology, cell structure and function, genetic mechanisms, human anatomy and physiology, and ecological and evolutionary processes.
Travel Highlights: Students will observe animal and plant biodiversity while visiting a rainforest, a cloud forest, a dry forest, and the Ecuadorian Pacific coast.  Students will also participate in cultural activities in the countries capital, Quito.

FKL: Natural Sciences Core and Natural Sciences Life Sciences

Quebec City, Canada

HUM 1020: Introduction to Humanities

Dr. Brendan Cook

Analysis of selected works of literature, music, film, and visual art, representing artists of diverse periods, cultures, genders, and races.

Travel Highlights: Students will enjoy hands on experiences across the historical city of Quebec.  These experiences include the Cirque de Soleil Circus School, an international fireworks festival, and numerous other once in a lifetime opportunities in this UNESCO World Heritage site.

FKL: Fine Arts

Costa Rica

ANT 2410: Cultural Anthropology

Dr. Daniel Lende

Discussion of major methods of and orientations to the cross-cultural study of the world's peoples. Representative case studies are used to demonstrate variations in human adaptations and to encourage an appreciation of diverse values and lifestyles.

Travel Highlights: Students will stay in official home-stays with local families for cultural exchange.  Students will tour a volcano, waterfalls, and a coffee plantation.  Students will visit museums and participate in cultural learning experiences including dancing and cooking classes.

FKL: Human and Cultural Diversity in a Global Context

ANT 2464: Global Health from a Social Sciences Perspective

Dr. Nancy Romero-Daza

Using global health as a lens, this course will introduce students to critical interdisciplinary challenges that will shape the world in the future.

Travel Highlights: Students will learn about the history of one of Colombia's biggest cities in Barranquilla centered around the port that is known as the Golden Gate to Colombia.  In Categena, a UNESCO World Heritage site, students will learn about the history of the walled city and immerse themselves in cultural experiences dating back to the 16th century.

FKL: Human and Cultural Diversity in a Global Context

Washington D.C.

POS 2041: American National Government

Dr. Nicolas Thompson

Introduction to the theory, institutions, and processes of American government and politics. In addition to learning fundamental information about the American political system, this course is designed to help students think critically about American government and politics.

Travel Highlights: Students will start their DC adventure with a Segway tour of historical landmarks and over the week fully immerse themselves in the history of the foundations of our government.  Students will enjoy a Washington Nationals baseball game as well as experience many behind the scenes tours and lectures.

FKL: Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Historical Context and Process

Florida Keys

EVR 2001: Introduction to Environmental Sciences

Dr. Kamal Alsharif

An introductory lecture course linking the human and physical/biological world. The course will develop an understanding of population and resource interactions.

Travel Highlights: Students will get to experience what Miami, the Keys Marine Lab, and Key West have to offer.  This course provides a good blend of cultural and scientific experiences including a traditional Cuban dinner and multiple days of snorkeling to conduct research.

FKL: Natural Sciences

All Locations 

SLS 1101: University Experience
In addition to choosing one of the above General Education courses (FKL), students will be enrolled in a linked section of University Experience. University Experience is a three-credit course focused on an extended introduction to USF with emphasis on career planning, study skills, academic advising, and academic and campus resources. As a part of the course students will be working towards their requirements for the Global Citizen Award.  In the University Experience course, students will also partner with the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement (CLCE) for a community service learning opportunity with partners within the Tampa Bay community.