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East Asia & Pacific Student Testimonials

Amanda Chen

"I am very happy I chose INTO USF. It reduced a lot of problems because people at INTO USF help you through the transferring process so you do not have to worry about it."

Hsuan-Chieh Chen (Amanda) - Taiwan

Jui-He Tai

"I've had a great experience so far at USF. I’m very happy I came to the INTO USF program; I’ve had so much help adjusting to the American and campus culture."

Jui-He Tai - Taiwan
Standard Graduate Pathway in Materials

Ting Shao

"I've visited the tutors and advisors so many times. If I have questions or issues that I can't solve by myself, they always help out. They helped me with my writing skills and checked my grammar. They taught me how to write and how to speak. I'm really grateful for them."

Ting Shao - China
Undergraduate DaZhuan Pathway

Ainong Song

"I found out about USF from my English language teacher. She said USF is a great university and has an outstanding Marketing program. Here, I joined a Chinese Language Club to meet other students from my region and spread the word about our culture."

Ainong Song - China
Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Di Li

"I chose USF because it has a really great engineering program and a lot of research opportunities. In terms of support, there are so many resources in the USF campus that help you succeed in your classes such as advisors, free tutoring, scholarships and study abroad opportunities."

Di Li - China
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering


"Here at USF everybody is treated equally. Students shouldn’t be shy. They should step out of their comfort zone. Because everybody has been in that position, so everybody would understand you and help you."

Susi - Vietnam
Undergraduate Pathway in Business

Tuan Minh Nguyen

"At USF, you would have opportunities to make friends with many people from around the world. This would be a great chance for you to expand your knowledge about different cultures in the world."

Tuan Minh Nguyen - Vietnam
Graduate Pathway in Finance

Pitchayaporn Siripanich

"I came to USF through Accelerated Pathway program and I’m glad I made this decision. Pathway prepared me to the major classes at USF, so I knew what to expect. USF Alumni connection is very strong and I plan to actively participate in Alumni life after graduation."

Pitchayaporn Siripanich - Thailand

Han Vu

"I chose USF for its unique Zimmerman Advertising program, which is highly selective. They only choose 34 students a year and teach a combination of advertising, business and mass communications courses. It is the only one program in the country that does that."

Han Vu - Vietnam
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications

Hyo Min Kim

"In every class at the beginning of the semester I go to the professors and introduce myself as an international student. Knowing that, they always keep an eye on me to help when needed and make sure I’m on the right track."
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Hyo Min Kim - Korea
Bachelor of Sciences in Biomedical Sciences

Yinian Zhong

"I'm so glad USF gave me lots of opportunities to get a hands-on experience in the production studio. It helped me practice and gain the skills I need to become a director or producer for a TV station in the future."

Yinian Zhong - China
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications

Minh Luu

"I loved studying at the University of South Florida because I was able to pick the major I wanted. I was studying advertising in mass communications and there were many aspects I was able to learn and take into the job market."

Minh Luu - Vietnam
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications