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Europe & Eurasia Student Testimonial

Dan Myroradov

"Everything was delightful, the people were nice, the educational process was exiting, the student services provided were qualitative, the university was well-designed, the nature was just fancy, and the weather was perfect. I do not think it could be better!"
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Dan Myroradov - Ukraine

Dilyara Bagautdinova

"The INTO Center was the main source of help for me. They helped me to solve all issues I had - financial and immigration issues. INTO USF helped me a lot at the beginning. They helped me get used to the US lifestyle."

Dilyara Bagautdinova - Russia
Public Relations

Mariia Romina

"Making friends here is very easy. People are very opened and friendly. I literally made friends everywhere: in my residence, in dining hall, at classes and around the campus."

Mariia Romina - Ukraine

Mariya Topchy

"INTO is a wonderful opportunity to smoothly adjust to American educational system and to a university. The support I received here was important for my success as USF student."

Mariya Topchy - Ukraine

Vafa Guseinova

"Having a degree from an American university (especially USF) is very valuable in the world. It opens up more job opportunities in the world than if I stayed in Russia to study. I feel there is more freedom in education here being able to choose what classes we actually want to study. All of my professors are great, too. If you don’t understand something you can go to office hours and they will explain everything."

Vafa Guseinova - Russia
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Karina Pogosyants

"USF offers so many different job opportunities for international students. Since I have been here, I’ve had three different jobs and all of them were amazing. Everyone was so friendly. They would let you accommodate your schedule around your classes. This is a great way to get connections around campus and also to practice your English."

Karina Pogosyants - Russia
Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Uraz Senturk

"There are many academic resources on campus that will help you succeed in your career. Some of these resources include career services, academic advisors, writing studios, tutoring services and SMART Lab."
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Uraz Senturk - Cyprus
Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Hristo Dafnopatidis

"I chose USF because of its highly ranked program and the opportunity to complete the entire Master program in one year."

Hristo Dafnopatidis - Turkey

Anastasia Kuplinova

"When I first came to USF, I fell in love with the campus environment. I also found a lot of friends from all over the world here. Adapting was easy because USF offers a lot of side help for international students like tutoring, student organizations, and clubs."

Anastasia Kuplinova - Venezuela
Bachelor of Sciences in Marketing

Tilman Koester

"Tampa is a great city with a developed tech industry and many jobs available. It's also a great place for sports fans. We've got three major teams here: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (football), Tampa Bay Rays (baseball), and Tampa Bay Lightning (ice hockey)."

Tilman Koester - Germany
Bachelor of Sciences in Management

Vadym Kalyuzhnyy

"USF has taught me how to balance important things in my life. I played tennis all four years, so I had to learn how to balance my athletics and course work. It was tough but it was worth it. Now, I'm proud of my graduation and our victory in the last four conference championships."

Vadym Kalyuzhnyy - Ukraine
Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature

Asli Aygunes

"My experience at USF was great. I felt very welcomed here. The International Services on campus really helped me thought my experience. They were supporting every step of the way and made it worth to come to USF."

Asli Aygunes - Turkey
Master of Sciences in Women's and Gender Studies

James Swanson

"My USF experience was great. This university has fantastic connections to different industries and gives the students impressive opportunities to start a career after college. I was able to meet many industry influencers through the University of South Florida."

James Swanson - United Kingdom
Master of Sciences in Sports and Entertainment