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CoTA Purchasing Procedures

CoTA Business Office Purchasing Contact
John Martin: (813) 974-9217 -

For USF Foundation funded expenditures, please go to the CoTA Business Foundation webpage.
For complete USF Purchasing information please visit the USF Purchasing & Property Services website.

Purchasing includes the following:

Requisitions & Purchase Orders

Reimbursement Request

Before any goods can be purchased OR an independent contractor's date of service a purchase order must be in place. To begin the purchase order process, please fill out and submit the Purchase Request Form to your Department’s Office Manager.

Purchasing Process

  1. Faculty and/or Office Manager fills out Purchase Request Form.
  2. Faculty and/or Office Manager submits form to Department for review.
  3. Office Manager submits form and other documentation if needed to Business Office no less than 5 days before purchase date/date of service.
  4. Business Office works to create Requisition.
  5. Expense Manager reviews Requisition and approves.
  6. USF Purchasing reviews Requistion and after approving a Purchase Order is established.
  7. Business Office informs Faculty and Officer Manager of Purchase Order number when it is fully approved.
  8. After the commodity is delivered or service is provided, an invoice from the vendor/independent contractor must be submitted directly to USF Accounts Payable:
    University of South Florida
    Accounts Payable - ALN 147
    Tampa, FL 33620
  9. Business Office must receive evidence of receipt of the commodity and service and at which time the Business Office will receive on it in FAST so the payment can be processed.

Purchasing Notes

Other USF Purchasing Links and Documents


Accounts Payable

Payroll Documentation for Non-Resident Alien Independent Contractor

CoTA Business Office - Purchasing Contact

Name: John Martin
Phone: (813) 974-9217
Office: FAH 136
Mailpoint: FAH 110