PCard Training

FST 102/103: Reconciler (Re)Training Index

About This Training

This online training supplements the in-class training received when you register through GEMS Self-Service. references to FST 103 are simply for exam purposes.

Note:  Reconciler and Verifier Training will be referred to as "Reconciler Training" for simplicity.  Training for both roles is the same.

FST 102 PCard Reconciler/Verifier Training is presented in 10 Parts:

Part 1: Welcome | Definition of Terms | Reconciler Responsibilities

Part 2: PCard Access to FAST | Online Transaction Approval Process

Part 3: Paper Copy Process: Receipts & Statements

Part 4: PCard Audits

Part 5: Where to Use PCard | Applying for PCard | Important Info | Credit Limits | Responsibilities

Part 6: PCard Security | Lost or Stolen Cards | Escalation Process

Part 7:  PCard Receipt Requirements | Checklist for PCard Statement Package

Part 8:  Restricted Purchases

Part 9:  Competitive Quotes | Best Practices | PCard Charge Reconciliation

Part 10:  Misuse | Important Timelines | Disputes | Additional Information

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