Doing Business with USF

Getting Started

1. Understand Purchasing At USF  
The University of South Florida employs a decentralized purchasing model.  In most instances, individual departments determine their specific needs and communicate with suppliers to engage them in a wide variety of commodities and services. 

Procurement Services supports the departmental sourcing efforts described above and ensures compliance with all applicable laws and policies. 

In general, there are two ways to do business with USF: competitive bid and competitive quote. Either method should result in either a purchase order and/or a contract being issued when procurement occurs. USF also has a P-Card program that is primarily used for small dollar purchases with suppliers.

2. Find Opportunities

  • Speak with a Strategic Category Manager.
    Our team of Strategic Category Manager can work with you to identify areas of need across the USF community and can facilitate introductions. Additionally, they can work with you to answer questions related to purchasing and spend at USF.
  • Consider competing for public contracts with the State of Florida
    USF routinely makes use of existing supplier contracts with the State of Florida. For information on current State of Florida opportunities please visit the Florida Department of Management Services site.

3. Register as a Supplier

Check out the USF Supplier Management Page for information on the registration process and additional supplier resources. Contactsuppliersetup@usf.eduto receive an invitation to register as a supplier interested in doing business with USF and provide additional information about your business.  
4. Register as a Diverse Supplier
USF’s Office of Supplier Diversity can help suppliers gain certification as a diverse supplier.

5. Understand our Code of Ethics. 

USF Policy 0-027 Florida Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees
USF Regulation 4.02000 Purchasing - Statement of Intent

To meet the University of South Florida's mission, Procurement Services provides management, oversight to acquire quality commodities and contractual services while promoting fair and open competition in the public procurement process. Responsible Purchasing officials shall be protected from improper pressures of external political or business interests. The process shall reduce the appearance and opportunity for favoritism, ensure contracts are awarded equitably and economically, and establish effective management oversight in the acquisition of commodities and contractual services to preserve the integrity of public purchasing and contracting. 

USF Regulation 4.02010(IV)(B) Purchasing - Standards of Conduct

It is a breach of ethical standards for any employee of the University of South Florida to accept, solicit, or agree to accept a gratuity of any kind, form, or type in connection with any contract for commodities or services.  It is also a breach of ethical standards for any potential contractor to offer an employee of USF a gratuity of any kind, form, or type to influence the development of a contract or potential contract for commodities or service. 

6. Understand our Terms and Conditions

All USF Purchase Orders have standard Terms and Conditions found here. In instances where we enter a written and signed (authorized) agreement with a supplier the the terms and conditions of that contract will apply.

7. Payment

Accounts Payable (part of Payment Services in the University Controller’s Office) is responsible for the payment of invoices to suppliers for goods and services provided to the University. Questions regarding payment of invoices may be directed to

8. Tax Exemption

Click HERE for USF's current tax exemption certificate.