Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy Doctoral Program


In Public Accounting Report's 27th Annual Professor's Survey, the Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy program at the University of South Florida was ranked in the top 25. Recent articles in Issues in Accounting Education have also ranked our program. These articles indicate that over the last 20 years we ranked 7th in AIS based on faculty publications and over the last 6 years we ranked 2nd based on graduated doctoral student publications. During the same time periods our program ranked 47th in experimental research based on faculty publications (moving to 30th over the last three years) and 14th for graduated doctoral student publications. Our rankings reflect the dedication of our faculty to doctoral education and the productivity of our graduates. As we move forward, we seek to expand our areas of emphasis while maintaining quality education. Graduates of the PhD program demonstrate the mastery of one or more specialized areas of accounting, such as accounting information systems, auditing, managerial or financial accounting. We keep our program small; thereby, providing an opportunity for students to work closely with faculty members while pursuing their doctoral degree.

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