Master of Accountancy


For the student who has the equivalent of an undergraduate major in accounting at USF (including 21-24 hours of upper-level accounting coursework taken within the last five years from an instituition with AACSB accreditation), the program consists of 30 hours. Most (24 hours) of the program is devoted to the study of accounting. The remaining six hours consist of study in other business areas including economics, entrepreneurship, finance, and information systems/decision sciences. These six hours are elected by the student in consultation with the MAcc Advisor. At least 70% of the coursework must be at the 6000 level.

The MAcc curriculum has a set of two required common core accounting courses. Students may elect a concentration (12 hours) in either tax or audit/systems. If a student does not wish to elect a concentration, a student may follow the "Generalist Track". The sequencing of courses will be determined in consultation with the MAcc Advisor.