Master of Science in Management


Contemporary organizations widely recognize the strategic impact of project management. Project Management provides a system for aligning strategic and business goals that focus on meeting client expectations and producing desired outcomes. The foundation of this program is project management theory, project applications, manager skills and methods, and the tools required to successfully manage and navigate organization projects.

The purpose of this program is to provide project management leaders with principles of project management; leadership and strategic analysis; creativity and analytics; organizational behavior, decision making, design and change; collaboration; agile development and scrum methodology. The program specifically focuses on project management leadership requirements, such as facilitating teamwork in diverse groups; empowering others; recognize and adapt to the constraints and opportunities of a global economy, and develop centers of excellence.

This dynamic, well-focused, progressive program provides a broad range of project management concepts and skills. Much of the curriculum is delivered through case studies, class discussion, exercise, group project, videotaped role-playing, simulations, and prominent guest speakers from local and national business and non-profit organizations. Emphasis is placed on student participation and teamwork. All courses include writing, presentations, critical thinking, analytics and creativity.