Master of Science in Management


Leaders of the future must be able to empower others and to facilitate teamwork in diverse groups, to recognize and adapt to the constraints and opportunities of a global economy, and to accommodate the ethical and societal needs of the environment within which the organization functions.

Both the profit and not-for-profit communities have recognized these changes and have demanded that business schools provide a modified and improved leader for the future - a leader who succeeds by facilitating the performance of others. Ethical and virtuous behavior as well as technical skills are promoted. These values lead to organizational behavior that is both effective and ethical. Intrapersonal, interpersonal, and organizational competencies are enhanced. Faculty members blend scholarly activity and applied skills to prepare graduates for successful careers as leaders in the real world.

This is an progressive, dynamic, well-focused program. Students learn about interpersonal and organizational dynamics, planned change, and implementation. Leadership, teamwork, communication skills and organizational change are emphasized. Much of the curriculum is delivered through case studies, class discussion, exercises, group projects, video taped role-playing, simulations, and prominent guest speakers from the local business and non-profit community. Emphasis is placed on student participation and teamwork. All courses include writing, presentation, and critical thinking skills.