About Us


Cybersecurity is increasingly vital as more and more people are connected by the internet, businesses rely more heavily on cloud-based and big-data services, and government officials face more web-based attacks related to terrorism, espionage or other areas of national security. The danger is growing exponentially as the world becomes more web-dependent. 

As ominous as this world of cyber-threats is, it opens up a huge workforce and research opportunity. Institutions that are part of the Florida State University System (SUS) are working to expand educational offerings, research capabilities and partnerships to help make Florida the leading cyber state.

To accomplish this, the 2013 Florida Legislature called on the state's Board of Governors to submit a plan for the creation of the Florida Center for Cybersecurity (FC2) -- a shared resource for Florida's stakeholders in higher education, government, defense and industry.  Principally located at the University of South Florida, the center was officially created in 2014.