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Interim Dean Dr. Roger Brindley

A Note from Interim Dean Roger Brindley, Ed.D.:

I am honored to serve as Interim Dean of the College of Education and to have the opportunity to support the college as we continue producing leaders within the various fields of education. The College of Education is home to remarkable scholars and a skilled staff who are here to help prospective and master educators continue their educational journey, and to assist in future career goals.

As one of the top 100 "Best Education Schools," in the nation, the USF College of Education strives to provide excellence in education to every student who wishes to pursue a career in the field. The College of Education is nationally accredited and works closely with the state of Florida Department of Education to approve our pre-service teacher programs. At a time when the skills and pedagogy of classroom teachers and school administrators is more important than ever, the College of Education offers state-of-the-art teacher training, and collaborative and collegial graduate studies designed to empower educational leaders. Working closely with our partners in the school districts across Tampa Bay, we seek to work with our community to extend proven educational initiatives and discover new ways of preparing life-long learners in an era of increasing access to knowledge and technology.

At this time, the USF College of Education is ranked no. 78 as a "Best Education School," and our online programs are ranked no. 36 in the prestigious U.S. News & World Report. With more than 13,500 education degrees awarded, the College of Education has graduated the second largest number of educators in Florida over the last 10 years. Graduates from the College of Education are of the highest quality and are greatly sought out for employment opportunities after completing their degree.

Whether you are looking to obtain your first teaching certification, or you are returning to complete graduate work as part of your professional development through one of our Masters or Doctorate programs, the College of Education has the resources and support you need to be successful in reaching your goals. It is my expectation that the College of Education will provide to you a wealth of knowledge, and the skills you'll need to be an effective educator who empowers the next generation.

Thank you for your interest in world-class education,

Roger Brindley

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As you consider your future educational needs, we want you to see the College of Education as the place to meet your goals. Our faculty, staff, and alumni are available to help you succeed.

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