The College of Education offers various undergraduate degree programs in the field of education. To learn more about admission requirements specific to each of our programs, visit the program's website or contact your academic advisor.

Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education program prepares students to enter the field of teaching young children. Students in this program become knowledgeable, responsive and innovative professionals committed to creating dynamic and stimulating learning environments with an emphasis on inquiry, creativity and reflectivity.

Elementary Education

The Elementary Education program prepares students to enter the elementary classroom as effective, enthusiastic, and responsible educators. Students can select from two degree plan options: Elementary Education Urban Teacher Residency Partnership Program or the Elementary Education Cohort Program.

English Education

The English Education program prepares students to develop content knowledge related to structures and functions of language, diverse works of literature (including print and non-print texts and multimedia), adolescent literacy and writing theories and processes.

Exceptional Student Education

The Exceptional Student Education program prepares students to become highly competent professionals who, together with individuals with varied exceptionalities and their families, work to enhance the quality of life through their advocacy, teaching, research and service.

Exercise Science

The Exercise Science program equips future exercise professionals with the knowledge and skills to meet the diverse health and wellness needs of our population through the integration of coursework with laboratory-based and field-based experiential learning.

Mathematics Education

The Mathematics Education program helps students develop skills in problem-solving, reasoning and argumentation and prepares them to teach mathematics courses in either the secondary school setting (grades 6-12) or the middle school setting (grades 5-9). Students participate in field experiences where they work alongside collaborating teachers in the middle and high school setting.

Physical Education

The Physical Education Teacher Preparation program prepares future educators to teach about the importance of health and physical fitness. Physical Education includes the study of physical skill development, pedagogy, coaching, curriculum, development and assessment, and the administration of physical activity programs.

Science Education

The Science Education program prepares students to engage in coursework informed by empirical research embedded in established and emerging theoretical traditions, philosophy and best practices related to pedagogical content knowledge. Students may choose to study various concentrations such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics Education.

Social Science Education

The Social Science Education program engages students in the study of cultural and historical tradition and informed social criticism. This program integrates methods of inquiry and pedagogy with an interdisciplinary curriculum including coursework in anthropology, economics, history, political science, psychology and other fields of study.