Meet Your Academic Advisor

Carol Harneit, Ph.D.
SVC 1072

Welcome to the University of South Florida!

I am looking forward to working with you as your advisor for the Bachelor of General Studies. I am here to assist you on your path to success, so please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

In order to help you get to know me a little before we work together, I would like to tell you about my background. I'm originally from Louisville, Kentucky and attended a small private college there. Afterwards I moved to New York for graduate school, knowing no one, but depending on the assistantship I had there. I earned my M.A. and Ph.D. in English Literature at St. John's University, N.Y. and had several years to explore New York's theaters, museums, and sights between classes, teaching and other jobs.

From the beginning, I seemed destined to be connected with technology in teaching and learning. As a graduate assistant, I worked with a professor teaching by closed circuit TV in multiple classrooms. Later, back in Louisville, I created and presented introductions and follow ups for a televised Freshman Composition course for the local university/college consortium on cable TV, telling students about their course assignments.

At USF, I've worked for many years in a variety of programs with undergraduate adult students taking classes off campus, on campus on weekends, by telecourse, by videoconferencing, by ITFS, and online. While I have taught a few courses, I've chiefly worked in the administration and coordination of these programs. In addition, I worked in faculty development for eight years, working with faculty and graduate teaching assistants. Currently I am Assistant Director for Advising and Communications in Innovative Education, advising students in the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) and administering this program.

During the 30+ years I have been at USF, I have met many wonderful people and learned a great deal about how the University works. I look forward to putting this knowledge and these contacts to use in helping you have a successful career at USF. I can help you answer questions about admission to USF and to the BGS, and of course help with other academic or administrative questions you may have as you progress through your bachelor's degree. I can also link you to the advisor in your chosen concentration who can answer specific questions about the sequence of courses or other questions that come up there. Even if you feel you know no one at USF, you now know me, so you have a friend at USF who will help you with questions or issues that arise.

If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with me in person or by phone, call 813-974-7277 (or toll free at 1-888-873-4968) or email me at Please feel free to call or email with a quick question. My office is in SVC 1072 on the first floor of the Student Services Building in the center of campus, near the Collins Parking Garage.

For directions to campus, parking information, or a campus map, go to Advising appointments are encouraged to avoid waiting, but walk-ins are welcome in SVC 1072.