Course Registration Process

Step 1: Meet with your Advisor

After you have been admitted to the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program, you will meet with the BGS program advisor. Your advisor will help you select your courses and teach you about helpful academic resources. You should meet with your advisor each semester to ensure timely progress toward graduation. Appointments can be conducted via phone or in person.

Step 2: Register for Courses

In order to ensure success, you will need to take an active role in your education. Before each semester begins, login to your OASIS account to learn your designated registration date. You can view an OASIS registration tutorial here. Note that online and evening courses fill quickly, so register as early as possible to avoid missing out on required courses.

Next, use the OASIS class schedule search to browse available courses. You can view an OASIS class schedule search tutorial here. You can find additional registration resources, including important forms, deadlines, policies and more on the Office of the Registrar's website.

Note About Holds and Permits:

If there is a hold on your account that prohibits you from registering for courses, you must contact the specific department that has placed a hold on your account. (i.e. immunization holds should be directed to the Student Health Services.) The BGS program advisor may be able to remove certain advising holds.

In the event that a permit is required prior to registration, please contact the academic department and request the permit directly. The BGS advisor cannot provide permits except in the case of the BGS/BSAS capstone course.