Gerontology Concentration

24 credit hours

Gerontology is the study of the process of human aging in all its many aspects: physical, psychological and social. In the School of Aging Studies particular emphasis is placed upon applied gerontology, with the goal of educating students who in their professional careers will work to sustain or improve the quality of life in older persons.

Required Courses: (12 hours)
GEY 2000 Introduction to Gerontology (3)
GEY 3601 Physical Changes and Aging (3)
GEY 3625 Sociocultural Aspects of Aging (3)
GEY 4612 Psychology of Aging (3)

Electives: (Minimum 9 hours)
GEY 4101 Aging in Special Populations (3)
GEY 4102 Aging in Modern Literature and Film (3)
GEY 4231 Elder Abuse and Neglect (3)
GEY 4322 Case Management (3)
GEY 4360 Gerontological Counseling (3)
GEY 4608 Alzheimer's Disease Management (3)
GEY 4629 Women and Aging (3)
GEY 4635 Business Management in an Aging Society (3)
GEY 4641 Death and Dying (3)
GEY 4647 Ethical and Legal Issues in Aging (3)
GEY 4690 Senior Seminar in Gerontology (3)

College Exit Requirement: (3 hours)
IDS 4934 Senior Capstone for BSAS/BGS (3)
This course is the required capstone course for all BGS concentrations.

Complete Degree Requirements