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Welcome to the University of South Florida's comprehensive hub for K-12 programs. Here, you'll find a diverse array of educational initiatives and opportunities designed to engage and inspire students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Our commitment to fostering lifelong learning is reflected in the wealth of programs available, spanning various disciplines and catering to a wide range of interests. Whether you're a student, parent, educator, or community member, this webpage serves as your gateway to discovering enriching experiences and educational pathways at USF. Explore the countless opportunities that await as we embark on a journey of knowledge, exploration, and growth together.

Register Now for USF CAGE Elementary Cyber Camp!

Join USF CAGE Elementary Cyber Camp for grades 3-5! This summer, become elite secret agents as we tackle urgent cybersecurity threats. Available at USF Tampa and St. Pete campuses, this immersive program teaches foundational computing, cybersecurity, and coding skills. Prepare to expose mysterious hackers while gaining valuable digital knowledge!

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Register Now for USF Middle School Cyber Camp!

Embark on a cybersecurity adventure at USF Middle School Cyber Camp! Held at USF Tampa and St. Pete campuses, grades 6-8 students dive into basic to intermediate cybersecurity concepts. With Air Force Academy's CyberPatriot program curriculum, campers enjoy hands-on challenges, exploring cryptography, web exploration, forensics, and more. Interact, compete, and learn internet safety in this immersive experience!

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The USF Office of Youth Experiences plays an important role in bridging USF with families and children. We actively promote the academic achievements of USF's Colleges and programs, facilitate recruitment efforts, and work closely with community stakeholders to create valuable opportunities for children and their families.

Our mission is to establish and strengthen these important connections, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between USF and the community.

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