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      The USF Office of Youth Experiences plays an imporant role in bridging USF with families and children. We actively promote the academic achievements of USF's Colleges and programs, facilitate recruitment efforts, and work closely with community stakeholders to create valuable opportunities for children and their families.

      Our mission is to establish and strengthen these important connections, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between USF and the community.

  2. Our Team


James Welsh

Dr. James Welsh 

Director, Youth Experiences & FCIT

Caryn Preston

Caryn Preston

Assistant Director, Youth Experiences

Julian Maguregui

Julian Maguregui

Assistant Director, Operations

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      USF Office of Youth Experiences

      4202 E. Fowler Avenue, LIB 618
      Tampa, FL 33620, USA

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      Connect with the USF Office of Youth Experiences. We're your bridge to the University of South Florida, offering support and access to a wide range of youth programs and educational opportunities.

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