Get Involved

How Can I Get Involved?

Cultivate change and connect with the USF Office of Youth Experiences through our Get Involved webpage. Here, you'll discover numerous avenues to make a meaningful impact. Interested in launching a youth program, dedicating your time as a volunteer, exploring career opportunities within our organization, or contributing to our Youth Experiences Fund? This fund offers scholarships to K-12 students, enabling them to engage with USF. Your involvement is the key to shaping brighter futures and empowering the next generation, while building strong connections with the vibrant USF community.

Explore the various ways you can participate, and be a part of our mission to make a difference by actively engaging with USF. Together, we create opportunities, transform lives, and foster a community where everyone thrives.

Propose a New Youth Program

Calling all USF Departments! Interested in creating youth programs in collaboration with our office? Click below to access the form and share your ideas with us. Let's inspire the next generation together!

USF Professor helping campers with their filmmaking process.

Volunteer at USF

Join USF Youth Experiences - USF students, high school students, and community members, your support matters! Enrich campus life, empower students & community. Click below to volunteer with USF.

USF Volunteers and Campers working together at a USF Summer Camp

Explore Our Job Opportunities

Discover diverse job opportunities at USF Youth Experiences! We welcome USF students, K-12 educators, and pre-service teachers to join us as summer camp counselors, directors, curriculum developers, and student workers. Explore our employment openings or complete our interest survey, and our team will reach out to you when a fitting opportunity arises. Your journey with us starts here!

USF YXP Counselors helping out at a Summer Camp

Support our Youth Experiences Fund

Learn how your support creates a meaningful impact! Visit our Scholarship Support page to understand how your contributions connect kids to USF's Youth Programs, opening doors to opportunity for the next generation.

USF Summer Campers posing for a picture at the Muma College of Business