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2024 Youth Experiences

Embark on an exciting journey of discovery with the University of South Florida Office of Youth Experiences. Explore our vibrant array of engaging opportunities in our newly unveiled 2024 summer camp lineup! From our Tampa, Sarasota-Manatee, to St. Petersburg campuses, we offer a diverse range of programs for elementary, middle, and high school students. Find your ideal summer adventure with us.

k-8 summer math camp logo

USF K-8 Summer Math Camps (Grades K-8)

Stop the summer slide! Through this engaging and interactive course, students in grades K-8 will review key concepts from the previous grade and prepare for the coming school year by exploring fun, relevant math topics.

elementary school cyber camp logo

USF C.A.G.E. Elementary Cyber Camp (gRADES 3-5)

USF's C.A.G.E. Elementary Cyber Camp engages young minds in tech adventures at the Tampa and St. Pete campuses. Dive into espionage and tech exploration, igniting a passion for cyber exploration and fun!

Tampa Theatre film camp logo

Tampa Theatre Film Camp (gRADES 3-12)

Embark on an immersive storytelling journey curated by USF in collaboration with Tampa Theatre, inviting kids from grades 3-12 to explore the world of storytelling. Craft films from scripting to editing, fostering creativity and cinematic skills in a historic setting!

everyone can code camp logo

USF EVeryone Can Code (gRADES 4-6)

Decode tech mysteries! USF's Everyone Can Code, Grades 4-6, will be located at our Tampa campus. Master coding basics with Minecraft and Swift Playgrounds, unleashing young coding talents!



Elevate your video game enthusiast's summer experience with the USF Esports Summer Camp. Our program is meticulously crafted to immerse participants in their favorite games while honing strategic thinking and skill development to enhance their competitive edge. Beyond gaming, we ensure a fun-filled week packed with excitement. Plus, every camper will receive their very own gaming headset as a souvenir at the end of the week!

shark tank logo

usf Stavros Shark tank Camp (gRADES 6-8)

Are you ready to ignite your child's entrepreneurial spirit?  From developing comprehensive business plans to understanding the intricacies of market analysis and financial planning, participants will gain invaluable insights into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur at the USF Stavros Shark Tank Camp.

usf drone camp logo

USF Middle School Drone Camp (Grades 6-8)

Join USF's Middle School Drone Camp at University Mall in collaboration with AMROC Fab Lab! Dive into competitive drone skills, safety, repair, and autonomous programming. Learn FPV flying and gain hands-on drone expertise for thrilling competitions!

usf middle school cyber camp logo

USF Middle School Cyber Camp (Grades 6-8)

The USF  Middle School Cyber Camp, held in-person at the University of South Florida's Tampa and St. Pete campuses, gives campers (grades 6-8) the opportunity to explore basic to intermediate cybersecurity concepts through interactive hands-on experiences. 

usf photojournalism camp logo

USF Middle School Visual Storytelling through Photojournalism (Grades 6-8)

Discover the power of storytelling through lenses at USF's high school Photojournalism camp! Capture moments, learn techniques, and craft compelling narratives in an inspiring, hands-on experience.

discover your pathe logo

Discover Your PATHe (Grades 7-10)

Discover Your PATHe: Experience how exciting it is to be a college student during this immersive experience at our USF St. Petersburg campus. You’ll explore career and major opportunities, gain leadership skills, meet new friends and so much more.

Bulls Disaster Camp logo

USF Bulls Disaster Camp (Grades 7-12)

For all high schoolers, explore emergency management! Learn from experts, hands-on activities, certifications, mock scenarios. Forge leadership, teamwork. Join our journey this summer!

usf music tech lab camp logo

USF Music Tech Lab (Grades 7-12)

Discover the fusion of music and technology at USF's Music Tech Lab camp (Grades 7-12). In partnership with the USF School of Music, this program offers students a chance to explore music creation, recording, and production—a dynamic experience that's been a cherished part of USF.

arts4all camp logo

ARTS4ALL Animation Gets Real (Ages 13-22)

Designed for students on the Autism Spectrum, discover the world of digital art, animation, filmmaking, and music tech at USF's ARTS4ALL camp! Perfect for art and tech enthusiasts of all levels. Join us for a summer of creative exploration and skill-building! 

Creative Writing Camp logo

USF Creative Writing Camp (Grades 8-12)

USF's Creative Writing Camp for Grades 8-12 invites high schoolers to craft their own short stories, poems, comics, and nonfiction pieces. Each day, students delve into various aspects of craft and technique while exploring a diverse selection of published works, building a vocabulary to discuss different writing genres.

justice quest camp logo

USF Justice Quest: Criminology Summer Camp (Grades 8-12)

We are on the search for justice! At the USF Criminology Camp, campers from grades 8-12 will venture into forensics and crime. Interactive workshops and real cases unravel the world of justice.

jghc logo

JGHC Summer Scholars Institute: Printopia: 2D, 3D & Dali (Grades 9-12)

Explore art tech while unleashing your creativity—transform 2D art into stunning 3D masterpieces using cutting-edge 3D printing tech!

high school cyber camp logo

USF High School Cybercon (Grades 9-12)

The USF High School CyberCon encourages high school students (grades 9-12) from across the Tampa Bay area to pursue careers in the rapidly growing cybersecurity industry. The week-long program helps students learn what being an ethical hacker is all about.


usf drone camp logo

USF High School Drone Camp (Grades 9-12)

USF High School Drone Camp: Grades 9-12. Innovate with drones in disaster response! Learn flying, FPV, programming, repair. Design supply chains with AMRoC FabLab's fabrication programs. Explore drone tech for first response. Dive into high-level drone innovation!

biomedical engineering camp logo

USF Biomedical Engineering cAMP (gRADES 9-12)

Dive into innovation! Explore bioengineering with expert faculty. Hands-on lab, bioelectrical interfaces, medical tools. Learn principles, instrumentation, and teamwork. Shape your future in biomedical engineering!

bulls finance camp logo

USF Bulls Finance Camp (Grades 9-12)

Bulls Finance Camp offers high schoolers a look into finance, mastering fundamentals, networking with professionals, exploring various career paths, and gaining essential skills to confidently navigate the world of finance, ensuring a promising and successful future.

photojournalism summer camp logo

USF High School Visual Storytelling through Photojournalism (Grades 9-12)

Discover the power of storytelling through lenses at USF's high school Photojournalism camp! Capture moments, learn techniques, and craft compelling narratives in an inspiring, hands-on experience.

USF SAT Summer Institute logo

USF SAT Summer Institute (Grades 9-12)

Develop skills necessary to maximize your scores and gain admittance to the college of your choice. Taught by experienced instructors, our SAT prep classes cover all math and verbal skills needed for success on the SAT exam. Students will learn general information about the SAT including study tips and will review examples of typical exam questions.

evaluate logo


Are you preparing for college? Evaluation plays a significant role! This interactive virtual certificate offers real-life scenarios tailored to your personal interests and needs. This includes various approaches to evaluating your college application process. It also provides valuable insights to enhance your communication skills, fostering greater confidence in formal interviews.

evaluate spanish logo


¿Te estás preparando para la universidad? ¡La evaluación desempeña un papel importante! Este certificado virtual interactivo ofrece situaciones reales adaptadas a tus intereses y necesidades personales. Incluye varios enfoques para evaluar el proceso de solicitud de admisión a la universidad. También proporciona valiosas ideas para mejorar tus habilidades de comunicación, fomentando una mayor confianza en las entrevistas formales.

art of filmmaking logo

USF Art of Filmmaking Camp (Grades 10-12)

Experience hands-on filmmaking at the USF Art of Filmmaking Summer Camp (Grades 10-12). Learn scriptwriting, cinematography, sound, lighting, and editing while creating your own film project. Share your cinematic masterpiece with friends and family at the end of the week!

cybercrime logo


Join USF's mock trial camp: Cybercrime & Law! Investigate digital breaches, hone legal skills, and participate in thrilling mock trials exploring cyber law complexities.

youth venture camp logo

USF Youth Venture Camp (Grades 10-12)

USF presents the Youth Venture Summer Camp for Grades 10-12, in collaboration with the Muma College of Business Nault Center for Entrepreneurship. You will get hands-on experience with entrepreneurship, simulations, and expert guidance to turn your business dreams into reality.

mock trial intensive camp logo

JGHC Summer Scholars Institute: Mock Trial Intensive (Grades 10-12)

The Judy Genshaft Honors College Mock Trial Intensive empowers students to learn the ins and outs of court proceedings, gain essential knowledge, and develop critical thinking skills. Through our program, students will gain a basic understanding of the law and how it relates to the courtroom, setting them up for success in their future legal endeavors, open to students in Grades 10-12.


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