Public Health Concentration

24 credit hours

The goal of the Public Health concentration is to develop in a broad range of students an understanding and appreciation of the field of Public Health. Upon completion of the Public Health concentration coursework, a student will be able to articulate the role of public health in disease prevention and health promotion at the local, state, national and global level; describe public health concepts and issues; discuss and analyze current public health issues; describe career paths in public health; and develop an understanding of public health that can serve as a foundation for the pursuit of graduate public health degrees.

Required Courses: (9 hours)
PHC 4101 Introduction to Public Health 3
PHC 4030 Introduction to Epidemiology 3
HSC 4551 Survey of Human Disease 3

Electives: (Minimum 12 hours)
HSC 3541 Human Structure and Function 3
HSC 4172 Women's Health: A Public Health Perspective 3
HSC 4211 Health, Behavior and Society 3
HSC 4430 Occupational Health and Safety 3
HSC 4504 Foundations of Public Health Immunology 3
HSC 4537 Medical Terminology 3
HSC 4579 Foundation of Maternal & Child Health 3
HSC 4580 Foundations of Food Safety 3
HSC 4624 Foundations of Global Health 3
HSC 4630 Understanding U.S. Health Care 3
HSC 4631 Critical Issues in Public Health 3
HSC 4933 Special Topics in Public Health 3
HUN 3272 Sports Nutrition 3
HUN 3296 Nutrition and Disease 3
PHC 4031 Emerging Infectious Diseases 3
PHC 4069 Biostatistics in Society 3
PHC 4241 Mental Health and Disasters 3
PHC 4406 Pop Culture, Vices, and Epidemiology 3
PHC 4542 Stress, Health and College Life 3
PHC 4720 Foundation to Professional Writing in Public Health 3
PHC 4931 Public Health Ethics 3

College Exit Requirement: (3 hours)
IDS 4934 Senior Capstone for BSAS/BGS 3
This course is the required capstone course for all BGS concentrations.

Complete Degree Requirements