Public Health Concentration

24 credit hours

The goal of the Public Health concentration is to develop in a broad range of students an understanding and appreciation of the field of Public Health. Upon completion of the Public Health concentration coursework, a student will be able to articulate the role of public health in disease prevention and health promotion at the local, state, national and global level, describe public health concepts and issues, discuss and analyze current public health issues, describe career paths in public health, develop an understanding of public health that can serve as a foundation for the pursuit of graduate public health degrees.

Required Courses: (9 hours)
PHC 4101 Introduction to Public Health 3
PHC 4030 Introduction to Epidemiology 3
HSC 4551 Survey of Human Disease 3

Electives: (Minimum 12 hours)
HSC 3541 Human Structure and Function 3
HSC 4172 Women's Health: A Public Health Perspective 3
HSC 4211 Health, Behavior and Society 3
HSC 4430 Occupational Health and Safety 3
HSC 4504 Foundations of Public Health Immunology 3
HSC 4537 Medical Terminology 3
HSC 4579 Foundation of Maternal & Child Health 3
HSC 4580 Foundations of Food Safety 3
HSC 4624 Foundations of Global Health 3
HSC 4630 Understanding U.S. Health Care 3
HSC 4631 Critical Issues in Public Health 3
HSC 4933 Special Topics in Public Health 3
HUN 3272 Sports Nutrition 3
HUN 3296 Nutrition and Disease 3
PHC 4031 Emerging Infectious Diseases 3
PHC 4069 Biostatistics in Society 3
PHC 4241 Mental Health and Disasters 3
PHC 4406 Pop Culture, Vices, and Epidemiology 3
PHC 4542 Stress, Health and College Life 3
PHC 4720 Foundation to Professional Writing in Public Health 3
PHC 4931 Public Health Ethics 3

College Exit Requirement: (3 hours)
IDS 4934 Senior Capstone for BSAS/BGS 3
This course is the required capstone course for all BGS concentrations.

Complete Degree Requirements