Women's and Gender Studies Concentration

24 credit hours

The Women's and Gender Studies concentration provides students with a critical examination of women's experiences and issues through history, culture, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and other important intersections of identity. The objective of the WGS concentration is to provide students with 1) skills in critical thinking and independent inquiry as part of a broad liberal arts education; 2) knowledge of the institutions, discourses, and processes that bear upon gender's meanings and enactments locally and globally; and 3) the tools to engage, critique, celebrate, and transform everyday lives of women and men. The WGS concentration seeks to provide students with a sound educational basis for graduate work or further professional pursuits in health, education, activism, social service, or social justice.

Required Courses: (6 hours)
WST 3015 Introduction to Women's Studies 3
WST 3311 Issues in Feminism 3

Electives: (Minimum 15 hours)
COM 4030 Women and Communication 3
SYD 4800 Gender and Society 3
WST 2250 Female Experience in America 3
WST 2600 Human Sexual Behavior 3
WST 3324 Women, Environment, and Gender 3
WST 3370 Women and Social Action 3
WST 4002 Feminist Research Methods 3
WST 4262 Literature by Women of Color in the Diaspora 3
WST 4310 History of Feminism in the U.S. 3
WST 4320 Politics and Issues in Women's Health 3
WST 4522 Classics in Feminist Theory 3
WST 4930 Selected Topics 1-4

College Exit Requirement: (3 hours)
IDS 4934 Senior Capstone for BSAS/BGS 3
This course is the required capstone course for all BGS concentrations.

Complete Degree Requirements