Graduate Certificate in Information Assurance

The Graduate Certificate in Information Assurance provides you with a core foundation of knowledge and applied expertise in information security controls, the regulatory environment, and information risk management and incident response.

In this program, you will take two core courses plus two additional courses from a list of pre-approved electives. This allows you to compensate for any knowledge gaps, or to deepen your expertise in a particular dimension.

Program dates and deadlines

Summer 2015 second 8-week term

Fall 2015 first 8-week term

The certificate requires two core courses and two concentration courses, for a total of 12 credit hours.

Required courses include:

ISM 6328: Basics of Information Security and Risk Management

ISM 6930: Decision Processes for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Students must choose two courses from the following pre-approved electives:

ISM 6145: Seminar on Software Testing

ISM 6218: Advanced Database Administration

ISM 6124: Advanced Systems Analysis and Design

BUL 5842: Risk Management & Legal Compliance

ACG 6457: Accounting Systems Audit, Control & Security