Master's Degree, Concentration in Cyber Intelligence

The Master's Degree in Cybersecurity with a concentration in Cyber Intelligence prepares you to acquire and assess the intentions, capabilities, and activities of potential adversaries and insiders who pose a threat, including attack methods that target people to penetrate systems, sometimes referred to as social engineering.

This concentration requires four core courses, plus six concentration courses, and one practicum course.

Core courses include:

EEL XXXX: Data Networks, Systems and Security

MAT XXXX: Applied Cryptography

ISM 6328: Basics of Information Security and Risk Management

ISM 6930: Decision Processes for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Concentration courses include:

LIS XXXX: Professional and Technical Communication for Analysts

LIS 6670: Advanced Cyber Intelligence

LIS 6702: Advanced Intelligence Analytic Methods

LIS 6703: Core Concepts in Intelligence

LIS 6709: Cyber Intelligence

LIS 6700: Information, Strategy and Decision Making

Practicum Course:

Please note that you are required to participate in a three-credit-hour practicum experience as part of this program. This provides an opportunity for you to gain valuable practical experience in the industry while working toward your degree.