Master's Degree, Concentration in Digital Forensics

The Master's Degree in Cybersecurity with a concentration in Digital Forensics helps you gain the skills you need to investigate computer, cyber, and electronic crimes; to analyze networks that have been attacked or used for illicit purposes; and to properly identify, collect, secure, and present digital evidence.

In the program, you will focus on digital forensics tradecraft, techniques and procedures; standards of practice; and legal and ethical principles, all assuring that digital evidence is accurate, complete, and reliable.

Although there are no specified course prerequisites, prospective students applying to this program are advised that this is a technology-based training program, focused on collecting security data and digital evidence. Successful students will have an aptitude for technical training and investigative procedures. Some prior training or background in operating systems concepts, computer architecture, computer hardware and storage media will be helpful.

This concentration requires four core courses, plus five concentration courses, and one practicum course.

For a full list of courses, view the Graduate Catalog.

Please note that you are required to participate in a three-credit-hour practicum experience as part of this program. This provides an opportunity for you to gain valuable practical experience in the industry while working toward your degree.