USF Pre-College invites high school students from throughout the country and around the world to an outstanding summer experience at the University of South Florida. Students with exceptional ability and promise will pursue academic interests, discover career opportunities, and explore the independence of university life. Beyond the classroom, group projects and social activities further the exchange of ideas with equally talented peers.

Students may enroll in one or more pre-college programs, selecting from a broad spectrum of academic disciplines. Programs range from two days to four weeks and offer residential (overnight) or commuter (daily) options. Residential programs give students the opportunity to live away from home and experience the independence and responsibility of college life in a safe, secure, and supervised environment.

USF is an Equal opportunity / Equal Access / Affirmative Action Institution. To request accommodations for pre-college students with special needs or disabling conditions contact USF Pre-College 813-974-4926 to discuss the specific needs of your child.