USF Pre-College 2017 Summer Programs

Pursue academic interests, discover career opportunities and explore the independence of university life. All programs are enriched with experiential learning, select field trips and guest speakers – all of which put theory into practice. Some programs even offer the opportunity to earn college credit.


This six-day program will allow you to learn the process of developing an advertising campaign from start to finish. Explore the creative process, design, consumer research and other aspects that will allow you to create advertisements in print, video and audio. You also will participate in field trips to visit local advertising and marketing companies and learn from industry partners.

Biomedical Engineering

This four-day commuter summer program for high school students provides a hands-on opportunity to work with USF's biomedical engineering faculty, explore careers in the dynamic world of biomedical engineering, and learn how biomedical engineers contribute to human health and well being.

STEM Academy: Science and Medicine

This academically intensive, six-day program is designed to directly involve students in hands-on inquiry, discovery, creativity and research across several disciplines that impact medicine and the health professions. Academy scholars will be exposed to basic, clinical and translational research.

STEM for Scholars

This four-week summer program prepares students for academic and college life, with the goal of expanding students’ horizons in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Students will have the opportunity to develop critical thinking and conceptual creativity. They will be engaged and challenged, through active, hands-on participation in all aspects of the program.

University Summer Experience

Specifically for international participants ages 14-18 who want to learn more about what USF offers. Participants will tour various departments on campus and participate in hands-on experiences in real classroom settings. This program’s focus is mainly English as second language participants, while also offering SAT/ACT and TOEFL preparation workshops. Additional features include educational field trips and chaperoned weekend activities.

Write Now: USF’s Young Writers Workshop

Write Now is a week-long immersion into a collegiate environment in creative writing. Students will work with passionate and experienced instructors, meet published authors, and write and share their own work.