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Adit Patel - Class of 2016

Sustainability Energy and Water Specialist
Handex Consulting & Remediation (HCR)




Yarazeth Watson Colon - Class of 2015

Sustainability Coordinator
University of Central Florida



John Stockham - Expected Graduation in 2018

Field Energy Advisor
Tesla Inc.




Chonlathan Naratree - Class of 2014

Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator







Carmen Garcia - Class of 2016

Mobile Market Associate
Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture

Greenvile County Soil and Water


Shelby Cohen - Class of 2015

Community Relations Coordinator
Greenville County Soil & Water Conservation District



                                                                                     Brian Pullen - Class of 2015

Sustainability Manager
University of South Florida St. Pete



Valencia college



Estevan Baza - Class of 2013

Conservation Manager
Valencia College

Miriah Ekus



Miriah Ekus - Class of 2016

Assessments Coordinator
American Congress on Surveying and Mapping


Trista Brophy


Trista Brophy - Class of 2013

Sustainability Coordinator
City of Oldsmar, FL

Sherri Swanson


Sherri Swanson - Class of 2013

Environmental Project Manager







Jesse Coyle - Class of 2017

Commissioning Agent
Affiliated Engineers, Inc.


sarasota county



Sara Kane - Class of 2015

Sustainability Outreach Coordinator
Sarasota County

sarasota county



Chris Koslin - Class of 2016

Division Environmental Manager
D.R. Horton Homebuilders




Christina Arenas - Class of 2015

Environmental Program Manager
Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful





David Townsend - Class of 2016

Senior Consultant
Booz Allen Hamilton



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