Flu Shots

Protect your herd fall festival. free flu shots and sti testing October 15, 2014 from 10 am to 3 pm.

SHS's annual flu shot event will be on October 15, 2014, from 10 am-3 pm. Free flu shots and STI testing will be given on a first come basis for any USF Student (while supply lasts).  
While you wait for your free flu shot and/or STI test, enjoy smoothies and apples, play a few games of cornhole or snap a few pictures with a friend at our photo booth. Join us for great music, fun and much more!

If you cannot attend the event, SHS offers free flu shots to all currently registered students (while supplies last). Faculty and Staff can receive a flu shot for $25 (or have SHS bill your insurance). You can receive your free flu shot in one of three ways:


Flu Shot Myths

  1. Flu shots will give you the flu. 
    • FALSE... the vaccine contains the dead flu virus... it is dead.... It cannot infect you.
  2. Vaccines are dangerous. 
    • FALSE... Vaccines are, arguably, the greatest medical advance in history. They've prevented more illness and death than any treatment.
  3. It's after November; it's too late to get a flu shot. 
    • FALSE... There are plenty of vaccines left, and the flu stays around through March, so you still have plenty of time to protect yourself.
  4. I got the vaccine last year, so I am protected. 
    • FALSE... Each year there are new strains of the flu virus and the vaccine needs to change to keep up.

By arming yourself with a flu shot you are protecting yourself and those around you.