Faculty Toolkit


For the latest university guidance and mitigation protocols in response to COVID-19, please continue to visit usf.edu/returningtocampus. For additional questions visit the Faculty FAQ

This USF Toolkit  provides you with the information and resources necessary to support your course delivery if the university pivots to temporary remote instruction or if an individual student is impacted.

Fall 2021 Instructor Classroom Guidance
Important: review guidelines and classroom expectations to support academic continuity and maintain the health and wellbeing of faculty, students, and staff.

Individual Student:
Depending on specific learning objectives and available technologies, faculty have options to engage impacted student(s) including live synchronous sessions, or curate/create asynchronous digital content such as recordings, presentations, multimedia, readings, and discussion boards.  For more guidance and resources please explore the How To Add Flexible Components to a Class in this Toolkit. See additional guidance on flexible accommodation to support student learning for Fall 21 and inclusion of a syllabus statement.

Temporary Remote Instruction:
Temporary remote instruction may be required should university leadership decide to do so, under direction of the Board of Governors. The goal of temporary remote instruction is to engage all of your students in learning at an equitable level of academic rigor in the event meeting with students face-to-face is not possible. Depending on your learning objectives and specific teaching goals, this can be accomplished through asynchronous activities, including use of contingency assignments or activities, or synchronous sessions using digital platforms. A Temporary Remote Checklist can be found here.